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Transporting Vehicles

FIELD GYMMY, allow us to take you to the field...

Features in Summary:

  • Designed with extreme service straight frame and spring suspensions; vehicles provide optimally positioned and stable center of gravity for enhanced safety.
  • Designed for overall vehicle performance includes high horsepower-high torque engines, GVWR to 140,00 lbs. static capacity, and latest cab comfort systems. 
  • Vehicle arrangements provide a dual tire wide stance front axle and high area tire-to-ground contact to minimize soil compaction.
  • Body systems can be mounted on either our modified, off-road Field Gymmy frames or on conventional on-road highway vehicles.  Typical designs make use of GMC trucks, however, other chassis types may be available.
  • Reduced cost of ownership associated with competitive purchase prices, rust proofing and undercoating, minimal fuel/maintenance costs,  and reduced long-life upkeep expenses.  


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As a custom manufacturer, FIELD GYMMY will endeavor to include any practical features that will serve to make a vehicle more useable in customer application.

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