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Pull Type Spreaders

When it is desirable to use a towing tractor, body systems can be mounted on pull type trailer gear. Standard trailer configurations are available for dry material spreader bodies to 20 and for liquid tanks to 4000 gallons. Trailers can be single or multiple axle, and are available in varying track widths, and equipped with tires for desired flotation. Tracks are also available to further minimize load-to-ground weight transfer ratio of pounds per square inch.

Power to operate trailer mounted spreader body can be transferred from tractor with PTO and mechanical drive, PTO driven hydraulic motor, and in some cases hydraulic source from hose connections to tractor remote hydraulic system.

Trailer gears are available for GVWR to 40,000 lbs.

Pull-type New Leader L7020 Bed

Pull-type New Leader L7000 Bed

  • Tandem walking beam suspension

  • 16.5 x 16.1 Rib tires on 8 bolt hubs

  • Adjustable multiple position bolted clevis hitch

  • Drop leg crank type jack, 10,000 lb. capacity

  • 3/8" link dual safety chains

  • Telescoping PTO for tractor hookup

  • Constant velocity "no chatter" PTO series

  • Shaft guard & PTO securing pole

  • PTO driven hydraulic motor

  • Full function hydraulic driven spreader

  • Cab controls for conveyor on/off

  • Fenders and flaps for appropriate spreader

  • Trailer lighting package available

Pull-type Field Gymmy 

Liquid Manure Injector

Pull-type Field Gymmy 

Liquid Manure Injector


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As a custom manufacturer, FIELD GYMMY will endeavor to include any practical features that will serve to make a vehicle more useable in customer application.

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