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Municipal Waste Sludge & Lime Sludge Applicators

FIELD GYMMY, geared for the job. . .

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Vacuum Pressure Pump with Tank


Process waste from industry and municipal treatment is usually ideally handled and ground applied with Field Gymmy power units equipped with vacuum/pressure pumping and tank systems.  Any product that is properly processed and is liquid enough to flow and maintain a flooded suction at draw-off point, can be loaded as a liquid with a Field Gymmy liquid waste handling system.  Tanks designed to withstand maximum attainable vacuum are available in carbon steel, or stainless steel.  Tank sizes range from 1000 - 3500 gallon capacity on the available styles of Field Gymmy transporting power units.


When it is required that material be injected into the soil, Field Gymmy subsurface applicators are available.  Injectors are compatible with the power units identified as F/G 2000 and F/G 3000.  A typical injector is 4-shanked and is equipped with pneumatic gauge wheels to float the plow over any uneven terrain to assure uniform depth of product placement.



Land Applicators:

  • V/P Pump with tank ASTM and ASME standards

  • 1500-3500 gal. tanks available

  • Mild or stainless steel construction

  • Ladder and platform for top tank access

  • Full/Empty indicator and alarm system

  • Easy connect single lever couplers

  • 200-400 cfm V/P pumps

  • Gearbox or hydraulic pump drive assembly

  • Primary and secondary pump protection valves

  • Surface spread discharge nozzle 

  • Subsurface injection plows

  • Gauge wheels for uniform depth control


Waste Hauling Vehicles:

  • Tank sizes up to 4500 Gal.

  • Mild or stainless steel construction

  • Spring cushion tank mounting

  • 20" or 36" diameter hatches

  • 3", 4", or 6" ports and valves

  • Sight eyes or float level indicators

  • 150 cfm to 450 cfm V/P pumps

  • Air or liquid cooled pump systems 

  • Primary shutoff with moisture trap

  • Pressure relief valve

  • Agitation sparger system


Special Arrangements Available:

  • Multi-Compartment tanks

  • High pressure discharge systems

  • Hose boom and hydraulic adjust arm

  • Auxiliary clean water wash systems

  • Storage cabinet and toolbox arrangements


F/G 2000 with Tank, Vacuum 

Pressure Pump, and Soil Injectors

F/G 1500 with Tank and 

Vacuum Pressure Pump

Picture 2

F/G 3000 with Tank, Vacuum 

Pressure Pump, and Soil Injectors

Picture 2

Two F/G 1500s and one F/G 3000 with

Tanks and Vacuum Pressure Pumps

Picture 2 (rear view)

Std. Hwy Truck with Tank and  

Vacuum Pressure Pump

F/G 2000 with Tank, Vacuum 

Pressure Pump, and Soil Injectors

F/G 2000 with Tank, Vacuum 

Pressure Pump, and Soil Injectors

Picture 2 (rear view)

Std. Hwy Truck with Tank, Vacuum 

Pressure Pump, and Spray Discharge

Picture 2 (other side)

Pusher - 2

The Pusher - 2 Field Gymmy Spreader provides guaranteed unloading of de-watered products. With rectangular body and push ram that is fitted with abrasive resistant wiper blades, positive unloading of product is assured. 


Ram is extend/retracted with compound multiple linkage, that is space saving, speed controlled, and has interlock safety with rear door. 


Balanced dual rear beaters provide distribution for field spreading, and read door assembly is removable to allow body unloading to static pile or windrow configuration.


Currently the Pusher-2 is available on the F/G 2000 and standard highway vehicles.


Pusher 2 on a Standard 

Highway Vehicle


Picture 2 (rear view)

New Leader L7020 GT Bed  -

New Leader L7020 with AeroSpread Bed 

The L7020 New Leader spreader uses a dual spinner assembly to spread materials consistently and evenly. The L7020 bed features extra steep side slopes, enabling it to broadcast dense materials like feedlot manure, waste water, lime, industrial waste, paper mill waste, ag lime, compost, marl, and poultry litter.

The L7020 bed includes the in-cab DGPS-ready Mark V spreader control for changing application rates on the go. The Mark V operates with or without the use of DGPS technology to automatically control application rates based on prescription application maps, and records back to the computer what has been applied. The 7020 is available with manual hydraulics in addition to many other options.

The AeroSpread is capable of throwing dense material up to 200 feet horizontally and is great for spreading in hard to reach areas.

Additional information on New Leader's L7020 GT and L7020 AeroSpread Beds can be found on Field Gymmy's New Leader Information Page.

New Leader L7020 GT and L7020 AeroSpread Beds are available on transporting vehicle models F/G 1500, F/G 2000, F/G 3000, standard highway vehicles, and on trailers.

New Leader L7020 GT Bed 

on a F/G 2000 Vehicle

Picture 2 (front)  Picture 3 (std hwy) 


New Leader 7020 Bed with 

AeroSpread on a F/G 2000 Vehicle

Picture 2 (side)  Picture 3 (operating)


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As a custom manufacturer, FIELD GYMMY will endeavor to include any practical features that will serve to make a vehicle more useable in customer application.

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