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Other Designs

FIELD GYMMY, customized for your satisfaction. . .

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Fire Department Pumper Truck

-3000 gallon tank.


-Hydraulically driven vacuum pressure pump capable of 285 cu. ft. per min. maximum air flow.


-Left front, right front, and rear 6" ports for loading and unloading.


-All ports have 6" valves, which are opened and closed hydraulically by controls located in the cab or remotely at each port location.


-Water level indicators at each port location. 


-Auxiliary port for possible future addition of a centrifugal pump (also hydraulically driven).


-Primary shut-off and a secondary shut-off with moisture trap.

3000 Gal Pumper Truck

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Golf Course Turf Spreader

-New Leader L2020 spreader bed on a F/G Model 1500.

-Has high floatation tires for spreading fertilizers on golf courses and other delicate turf surfaces.

F/G 1500 Turf Spreader 

Fertilizer, Seed, and Feed Tenders

-Ray-Man Tenders are available on single or tandem rear axle highway vehicles.

-For specific bed information, (click here).

Ray-Man Seed Tender on a Std Hwy Vehicle

Semi Tanker

-Vacuum pressure pump can be mounted on the tractor frame behind the cab or on a skid attached to the underside of the tanker trailer.

-Load and unload valves for the tank can be powered by either the central hydraulic system or by the tractor air brake system.

Tanker with Vacuum Pressure Pump



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As a custom manufacturer, FIELD GYMMY will endeavor to include any practical features that will serve to make a vehicle more useable in customer application.

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