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Bed Types

FIELD GYMMY, geared for the job. . .

One of the most important criteria to be specified when searching for a bed and transporting vehicle for spreading products onto farmland, is to specify the material or materials that the vehicle is to spread.  Approximately 95% of all vehicles and/or beds we have sold to spread product onto farmlands over the past 30 years fit into the following categories:

1.   Commercially Manufactured Products:

a.)  Agricultural dry fertilizers "AG Fertilizer"

b.)  Agricultural dry lime "AG Lime"

2.   Municipal and Industrial Treatment Plant By-products:

a.)  Wastewater treatment plant biosolids "Liquid Sludge" ( < 8% to 10% solids)

b.)  Wastewater treatment plant biosolids "Dry / Cake Sludge" ( > 8% to 10% solids)

c.)  Water treatment plant "Lime Sludge"



Recommendations for Selected Bed Types  (click on bed models):

Bed Models AG Fertilizer AG Lime Liquid Sludge Dry/Cake Sludge Lime Sludge
L2020 G4 Excellent Acceptable N/R N/R N/R
L3020 G4 Acceptable Excellent N/R N/R Acceptable
L3220 G4 Excell-Accept Excell-Accept N/R N/R N/R
L7020 GT Acceptable Acceptable N/R Acceptable Acceptable
L7020 w/ AeroSpread N/R N/R N/R Acceptable Acceptable
Vac Press Pump w/ Tank N/R N/R Excellent N/R N/R
Pusher 2 N/R N/R N/R Excellent Excellent

N/R = Not Recommended


As a custom manufacturer, FIELD GYMMY will endeavor to include any practical features that will serve to make a vehicle more useable in customer application.

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